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Idli Milagai Podi / Side Dish for Idly, Dosa

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Milagai  Podi  or  Gun  Powder  is an easy South Indian spiced powder, which when served by mixing it with gingely oil or ghee, gives a tongue-tickling spicy taste to the awesome Idly or Dosa...!
It makes a quick side dish when there is little time to make breakfast.
This particular recipe is from my mom. She is excellent in preparing homemade podis. The main ingredients used  are chana dal, urad dal, red chillies & sesame seeds. 
Here goes the easy to follow traditional recipe..:)
·         Red chilly                               - 12 to 15
·         Sesame seeds                       - ½ cup
·         Curry leaves                           - 10 to 12
·         Hing / Asafetida pwd              - ¼ tsp
·         Fenugreek seeds                    - 1 tsp
·         Black pepper corns                - ¾ tsp
·         Urad dal                                 - 1 cup
·         Chana dal                              - 1 cup
·         Oil                                         - ½ to 1 tsp
·         Salt to taste
1.     Heat 1/2 tsp oil in a non-stick pan.
2.     First add the red chillies.
3.     Fry them in low flame for 1 to 2 mins or till red chilly turns crispy.
4.     Remove the red chilly from the pan & transfer it to a plate.
5.     In the same pan, add sesame seeds, curry leaves, hing, pepper & fenugreek seeds.
6.     Sauté till sesame crackles.
7.     Take it out & allow to cool.
8.     Add urad dal and fry in very low flame to golden. ( take care the dal doesn’t get burnt, otherwise it won’t taste good )
9.     Take out from pan & let it cool.
10.  Lastly add, chana dal and sauté well.
11.  When it is done, turn off flame and allow to cool.
12.  Allow all the roasted ingredients to cool down completely.
13.  Grind it to smooth or coarse pwd in a mixer.
14.  Add salt to taste before grinding.
15.  Homemade  Idly  Milaga  Podi  is  ready  now..!
16.  While serving, add little oil on top of this powder.
     This spicy pwd has a shelf life for about 1 to 2 months, when stored in air-tight container.

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  1. Thanks for the recipe Jay, I will definitely try it. I love blending my own spice mixtures, so lucky to get your mom's recipe!

  2. WOW, that looks nice :D

  3. Beautiful photos, we use almost the same recipe, except that coconut is sometimes added.

  4. I will eat extra one idli, if I have his podi..very appetizing..

  5. Dear Jay,
    I stopped here to say thanks to you. According to your recipe yesterday i made stuffed idle. it was awesome. my hubby liked that too. only thing i used rawa instead of rice-n-lentil. And you peanut chuteny recipe also helped me a lot. whenever i made idle my hubby asked me for the chutney. However, i seldom made that,and whenever i made i couldn't create the taste. But yesterday it was different. thanks a lot to you.

  6. Thanks for posting this...when we go out to eat dosa I see Gun Powder on the menu and have always been curious as to what it was.

  7. Looks Yum!

  8. i usually make this but without adding sesame seeds, next time will try adding sesame seeds....yummy n delicious podi...

  9. awesome pictures... but we dont add ellu.. as it gives some smell if we keep for a long time....

  10. Very appetizing Jay. Love the colour of this podi, can guess its flavor too. Wonderful documentation.

  11. I always bring this powder from home,bought from the shops.Some of them do not have any flavor.
    Thanks for the recipe.I can make it myself.

  12. Thanks for your wonderful feedback friends....
    @ Krishna: thats great dear..your comment made my day..
    Its truly inspiring..!TQ.:)

    Have a lovely sunday friends..:)

  13. Wow!! My fav idli podi!! I love them with dosa than with idli.. Lovely clicks!!

  14. Hi Jay!

    maybe I should try cooking south indian food, I never dared till now. Your masala mix will come handy! ;)

    Wish u a lovely sunday!

  15. nice step by step explanation.. on seeing the pic, i wanted to have one dosa immediately..

  16. looks so easy jay!! never knew they add sesame seeds to it :)

  17. Super inviting dear..Rush your delights for Fast Food Event Noodles

  18. As the name says this powder is a sure gun fire.

  19. lovely clicks Jay! thanks for sharing your version. liked it.

  20. Hijay,
    Idli podi looks nice..
    All time i'll have this in my storage...

  21. This looks wonderful. I've been meaning to try making milagai podi, I really love podis with my idli and dosa. Can't wait to give it a try, thanks for sharing.

  22. my favourite! but still rely on mum! she deep fry the dhals

  23. aromatic podi looks wonderful

  24. always eat store bought ones which lack flavour. will try this at home. thanks for the recipe.

  25. This is a wonderful recipe, Jay! Loved the ingredients that goes into your milagai posi!

  26. Spicy and flavorful podi,home made is the best.

  27. wonderful recipe... Must be so yum!

  28. This looks terrific! And so easy. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Truly terrific, loved the name gunpowder :)

  30. i too make it the same way, pics are very inviting...

  31. I love all things spicy and this sounds like it. :)

  32. Looks tempting and super inviting.

  33. Flavored...

  34. I love gun powder, I always stock it, cannot have idli's or dosa without it. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  35. gun powder and i kept thinking what it is

    when my mom health was fine she wud make this powder but just with chana dal and urad dal and chilies
    it always gave crunchy taste when we had with idli or dosas..

    i hvnt made this myself at all

  36. Never add Fenugreek seeds to idli podi,am sure the taste will be very nice...

  37. adding methi seeds is new to me. will try next time..

  38. beauty..

  39. Completely mouthwatering, I love all variations of the pudi, we call it chutney pudi.

  40. Lip Smacking yum - You get those nice red chilies in India - not here the color is never so vibrant, even it tastes just as good - Btw, also was so crazy about your pori post I made it and now it's called Jay's pori in my home - I make this my mama's style and we call it karapori which i blogged ages ago... thanks for that recipe dear :)

  41. Thank you for the GUN Powder. we are great lovers of idly powder. We are going to make this weekend. I once again thank U for this spicy receipe.


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