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Mutton Fried Rice

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This Indian style, mutton fried rice recipe is very tasty and quick to make. Using eggs, mutton, vegetables, long grain rice and ghee you can create this versatile dish. This is ideal for some quick, one-pot meal lunch. The delectable blend of spicy flavors are sure to tease your tastebuds..!
Try this traditional Mutton fried rice recipe for a amazing and satisfying dinner...:)
·         Basmati rice                              - 2 cups
·         Ghee                                        - 2 tbsp
·         Boneless mutton chopped          - 2 cups
·         Turmeric pwd                             - ½ tsp
·         Eggs                                         - 3
·         Freshly ground pepper pwd            - 1 tsp           
·         Cloves                                       - 2
·         Cinnamon                                  - 2
·         Cardamom                                - 1
·         Onion                                        - 2
·         Garlic thinly sliced                     - 2
·         Red chilly thinly sliced                - 2
·         Chopped celery, French beans, carrot - 1 ½ cup
·         Soya sauce                               - 2 tbsp
·         Salt to taste
1.     Wash and soak basmati rice for 5 to 7 minutes.
2.     Drain the water completely and set aside.
3.     Heat 1 tbsp ghee in a fry pan.
4.     Add basmati rice and sauté well for few minutes.
5.     Keep aside.
6.     Cook the mutton with little salt and turmeric pwd, until tender.
7.     Remove and roughly chop. Set aside.
8.     Now scramble eggs with salt and a pinch of pepper pwd.
9.     Cook basmati rice with salt, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and 4 cups of water.
10.  Cover and cook, until the rice is done on medium flame.
11.  Stir gently once in a while, as the rice grains do not break.
12.  Once done, keep the rice separate by spreading it in a wide bowl.
13.  Heat the remaining ghee in the pan.
14.  Sauté onion, garlic, red chillies, chopped celery, carrot, beans till fragrant.
15.  Add  cooked rice,  mutton and scrambled eggs.
16.  Sprinkle pepper pwd, fry well.
17.  Add soya sauce and fluff gently.
18.  Remove from flame.
19.  Serve fried rice hot with raita or any gravy.
20.  Hot and spicy mutton fried rice ready to taste now..!
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  1. Simply delicious looking fried rice. Wonderfully prepared.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. sounds yummy & delicious ... lovely clicks jay ......

  3. Looks yum Jay, but i 've never had much success with mutton, though the husband loves it when we eat out. Approximately how long do you need to cook the mutton for? Do you need to add water to the mutton while cooking, how much? Do you pressure cook or just on a stove? Thanks in advance for answering.

  4. When I first tried mutton couldn;t beleive how tasty it is:) Mutton opposite to lamb need some longer period(depending which part of the animal you are using 60-80 minutes per kg meat).But it is worth every gram of it,Cooked this way can't be else but very tasty:)

  5. Thanks for dropping by, you have a lovely space here. Will be browsing for your recipes.
    Lite Bite

  6. Looks superb and perfectly done!

  7. Looks yum n perfect ..gud one

  8. A simple & inviting fried rice..:)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  9. Looks soo perfect and very much tempting dear!!

  10. Looks perfect and very much tempting dear!!!

  11. I don't eat mutton but my son love it. I should try making this for him when he next visit.

  12. Looks delicious! The rice is flaky and perfectly cooked

  13. Absolute tasty n lovely fried rice!!!

  14. I love the fact that your rice has soo many vegetables inside Jay, you post really tasty and healthy recipes :D

  15. Mutton in fried rice is new to me...will try out...thanks for sharing.

  16. Mutton is something i have never tried my hands upon.. ur recipe is easy to follow and seems to be very fragrant and yummy.. thanks for visiting my space and leaving ur lovely comment :)

  17. Thank you for stopping by to comment..:)

  18. Luvly luking fried rice with Mutton.Simply too good cause I have tasted it Jay.Thanks for sharing.

  19. Sencillo y delicioso arroz.
    Buen día

  20. It's very difficult to find mutton in the States, because most Americans think it's too gamey. Lamb is easier to find in most grocery stores.

    I enjoy lamb and I use basmati rice in almost all my Asian dishes (even the Korean ones). :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog! :)

  21. Hi, Jay. I love hot and spicy food especially if it's Northern Indian food! This recipe is sure a keeeper. I've copied and saved it in my recipe collection file..will definitely try this out! the rice looks so fluffy and soft. I'm your new ardent follower for sure!

  22. Es un plato muy apetitoso, me gusta el sabor del arroz Basmati y lo bien que queda al cocinarlo.

  23. wow that looks very tasty, i love rice^^

  24. This looks scrumptious! I love Mutton and with fried rice....:O

    Please do stop by my blog!
    Chewie from
    Easy Asian and Western Recipes

  25. i love these style meals, looks great.

  26. Hi, Jay - Thanks for coming to visit me at Food Floozie! I absolutely ADORE Indian food, so I'm thrilled to see all your recipes ... :)

  27. I enjoy blogs from India. We love eating Indian food and seeing the ingredients in the recipes helps to understand how to prepare these delicious dishes. You have so many wonderful options!

  28. This looks scrumptious! I love Mutton and with fried rice....

  29. Hy La@ Foodslice,
    mutton I usually pressure cook for 4 whistles and keep in simmer for 5 to 7 mins.
    when the pressure turns off, it will be cooked tender.
    giv a try and let me know..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  30. your feedback inspires me...:)
    thanks a lot..!
    have a great day..


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