Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I’ve Been Tagged ~ 7 LINKS CHALLENGE

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I’ve Been Tagged  ~  7 LINKS CHALLENGE:

Hey Friends, 

Some days back my friend, Kaveri of Palakkad Samayal, nominated me to participate in one of the newest blog  trendhere  the  "  7  Links   Game " .   

And today, I just got tagged by my another friend Aarthi  of Yummy Tummy in this challenge. 

Thank you   Kaveri  and  Aarthi   for this wonderful opportunity...!!!

The challenge is to write a post with links to 7 posts that fit into 7 themes...!!

I’m happy and ready to have fun, as it was a perfect way to go over the posts again that are happy, dark, fun, controversial & so forth...!

The Rules of this game are:

1.     Blogger is nominated to take part
2.     Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog.
3.     Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.
4.     These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers
5.     And so it goes on!

 The categories are:

1.     Your most beautiful post
2.     Your most popular post
3.     Your most controversial post
4.     Your most helpful post
5.     A post who’s success surprised you
6.     A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
7.     The post you are most proud of

Seven Fascinating Links:  

1.  The Most Beautiful Post: 

Hmmm…well, I chose  this for the most beautiful post coz,  the pics are not only eye catchy also the content and the memories are beautiful to me.

2.  The Most Popular Post:

The most popular posts has been  Thalapakattu Biryani  &  Chilli Chicken Dry   . Till now, these have received the most views of any other post of my blog.

3.  The Most Controversial Post:

Did not have a stand out for this one as of now…;)

4.  The surprisingly Successful Post:

I select this recipes  coz,  the crispy crunchy taste is absolutely mouthwatery...And it’s a great hit in my family and also with all my friends...:)

5.   The Most helpful Post:

I’ve two posts on this category. These two recipes received lots of  appreciation for sharing healthy and yummy goodness with all. 

6.  Post that didn’t get the attention, it deserved:


These two are very tasty  recipes, I really worked hard to bring out the traditional taste. But the pageviews are less.  Ooops..I  thought it deserved much attention..:(

7.   Post that you are proud of:

Sweets are my all time favorites. I never imagined I can prepare badam halwa and rasgulla at home. First time when I prepared this , it came out really awesome. 

I m really proud when my friends personally mentioned, the step by step pics are very helpful and they loved the recipes.  Thank you...:)

Now, its my turn to tag five talented and interesting blogger friends to participate in this interesting 7 links game. 

As, I was nominated by two of my friends Kaveri  and  Aarthi I'm tagging 5 + 5  people I love here...they've been hugely supportive of me and encouraging..!






My 5 + 5ive Tagged Bloggers :

  1. Laxmi  
  2. Paaka Shaale  
  3. Shanavi  
  4. sangee vijay
  5. Shabitha Karthikeyan  
  7. Radhika  
  8. Purabi Naha 
  9. Nithya  

 I have many more friends/ blogs I’d love to tag ! ....Next time I guess..:)


  1. love that badam halwa. congrats on the award dear Jay.

  2. Lovely post.It was so nice to go through your favorite dishes.

  3. This post was very fun to read. I enjoyed it. I think all your recipes are great. : ) Thanks for sharing.

  4. lovely set of yummy recipes..

  5. Wonderful recipes, everything looks tremendous..

  6. wow...mouth watering recipes...i am always a big fan of your chicken recipes, chilli chicken dry tempts me a lot :) Badam halwa looks so inviting Jay...chinese schezwan paneer looks so delicious bookmarked to try....
    thanx a ton for the tag n i posted it on my space ...

  7. hi jay, congrats on being tagged twice- you deserve that, it shows other fellow bloggers appreciate you.

    looks like you have an interesting list too and i am surprised that you dont have a controversial post :)
    i did, ha ha and i had to publish it in my tag list.have a nice day jay.

  8. Mouthwatering recipes..love them all

  9. Interesting ones, simply love both the sweets and the miracle drink.

  10. Congrats & wonderful post ... Glad to follow u ....

  11. Great link choices! They all look so tasty!

  12. All 7 recipes are beautiful...

  13. Congrats, Jay! All yur dishes look extremely tempting and if I were allowed to choose among any of these, I'll not be able to...because I loved all of them! Being a Bengali, I still could not master making perfect rosogollas. So now I'll refer to your rosogolla post.
    Thanks for tagging me, Jay, but I have already participated in this game. But, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!Thank u!!

  14. Glad to see all of those old post I haven't read yet. They certainly all deserve a second chance to be read specially for me who just tuned in

  15. Enjoyed reading through your posts.

  16. thanks friends for your lovely comments..:P

  17. thanks friends for your lovely comments..:P

  18. Thanks for the tag and loved ur post on this tag...nice recipes... Will do the tag soon...

  19. Lovely post Jay... nice recipes...too.

  20. ths s a yummy treat jay...love all the dishes...passed ur award today...thnk u soo mch once agn dear...

  21. Its a treat to go thru these lovely recipes of yours again! This is a great idea... hope a lot of people carry the chain forward :)

  22. nice collection of recipes.. Jay, I have already been tagged and posted dear.. Anyway, thanks for remembering me..

  23. A great seven posts! I just did one myself, too! :)

  24. Congrats for being tagged, very cute collection of recipes.

  25. All the dishes are tempting but I love most Thalapakattu Biryani .....too delicious!

  26. All dishes looks delicious as usual.

  27. lovely linked post
    check out the event food palette series rainbow colours in my site hope you can join

  28. Thanks for dropping by my blog... Your blog looks great and your recipes too...

  29. Loved to read about your best posts! Keep up the good work dear!

  30. Congratulation on you 7 Links, Jay!
    Each and every one of you roundup is absolutely beautiful, and delicious!
    Love your choices...such a great job you did:DDD

  31. Congrats.Yummy visual treat. Each of these delights is a real show stoper...yumm

  32. You made rasagolla? Wow! I never could.

  33. wow..that sounds gr8....its a very nice way of expressing our self about our own blog...All the recipes looks gr8 too...

  34. All beautiful pics and recipes!


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