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Monday, June 27, 2011

Rose Milk Drink / Summer Juice Recipes

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Rose Milk drink:     For more Video recipes Subscribe here
I love simple rose milk version and its pleasant taste. This is one of the famous drink in South India. Most of the restaurants serve this refreshing and healthful drink in India.
It is not hard, very quick and easy to prepare this delicious drink at home. As rose syrup itself is sweet, we can add sugar as per taste.
Here comes the recipe of typical Indian drink Rose Milk ..!
·         Toned milk                    - 2 glass
·         Sugar                            - as per taste
·         Rose syrup                    - 2 to 3 tsps
·         Fresh rose petals           - few for garnishing
1.     Refrigerate milk for 2 hours.
2.     Take the chilled milk,  add sugar and  whip in blender for few seconds.
3.     Now we have frothy chilled sugar milk.
4.     Take a serving glass, add 1 tsp rose syrup and milk sugar.
5.     Stir all the ingredients well.
6.     Garnish with fresh rose petals.
7.     Lipsmacking rose milk drink ready to relish..:)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coconut Barfi / Nariyal Ki Barfi / Coconut Fudge

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Coconut Barfi:   For more Video recipes Subscribe here
Coconut Barfi is one of the rich and easy sweet dish that can be prepared at home. When I first learned to cook this flavorful dessert from my MIL, I was so excited by how simple recipe it was. Now, I am preparing this delicious barfi frequently and it is liked very much by all at my home. The speciality of this dish is its chewy, rich creamy taste and this can be prepared in advance for festive occasions as it has the shelf life of about 10 days..!
This is how we make this  traditional Indian mithai  coconut barfi..
·         Grated coconut                          - 2 cups
·         Ghee                                        - 3 tbsp
·         Cashew                                    - 7 or 8
·         Raisins                                     - 10
·         Sugar                                        - 1 cup
·         Milk                                          - 2 tbsp
·         Cardamom pwd                          - a pinch
·         Vanilla essence                         - ½ tsp
·         Saffron strands                          - a few
1.     Grate coconut to pieces and grind to fine shreds.
2.     Heat a thick bottomed kadai.
3.     Add ghee and allow to heat.
4.     Roast cashew and raisins to golden.
5.     Strain and reserve.
6.     Add  ground coconut shreds and roast in low flame.
7.     Continue roasting till the moisture content is absorbed and lets out rich aroma.
8.     Turn off heat.
9.     In a separate bowl , boil water.
10.  Add sugar to it and keep on stirring, till the sugar comes to syrup consistency.
11.  Now add milk to it and continue stirring for two more minutes.
12.  Add this thick liquid to the fried coconut shreds.
13.  Keep the flame in medium and stir constantly.
14.  Add cardamom pwd, vanilla essence and stir,  till the contents are blended thickly together.
15.  Now add roasted golden cashew and raisins.
16.  Stir until the mixture looks thick.
17.  Remove from flame and pour into a ghee smeared plate.
18.  Flatten the surface and garnish with saffron strands.

19.  When warm, cut into square or diamond shaped barfis.
20.  Yummy coconut barfis ready to enjoy….you cant possibly just eat one..!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cucumber Dosa / Healthy breakfast ideas..!

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Cucumber Dosa:

Cucumber dosa is one of the delicious dosa version that can be prepared quick and easily. The crisp and thin texture of the dosa tastes awesome with onion sambar and chutney. 

In this recipe, the grated cucumber, coconut, yoghurd and green chilly are mixed with dosa batter. It serves as a perfect and healthy breakfast.

Here’s the delicious, light dosa recipe for you to try..:)


·            Rice                              - 1 cup
·            Urad dal                        - ¼ cup
·            Grated coconut              - ¼ cup
·            Grated cucumber           - ½ cup
·            Green chilly                   - 2
·            Cumin pwd                    - ½ tsp
·            Yoghurd                        - ¼ cup
·            Salt to taste


1.       Wash and soak rice and urad dal separately for 2 ½ hrs.
2.       Grind the rice with urad dal to smooth paste.
3.       Make a paste of coconut, cucumber, green chilly, yoghurd and cumin pwd.
4.       Mix  the paste to the rice batter.
5.       Add salt and mix well.

6.       Allow to ferment for 5 hours.
7.       Heat a non stick dosa tawa.
8.       Pour a ladle full of batter and spread it in concentric circles.
9.       Drizzle oil to the sides and cover with lid.
10.    Once it turns golden brown, remove from flame.
11.    Serve hot with chutney of your choice..
12.    Yummy n healthy cucumber dosa ready to taste…!