Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank You, My Dear Friends!!

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Thank You, My Dear Friends!!
I would like to say Thank you and big hugs to all,  
who participated in My First event 
“ I Love My Dad “  & 
for all your lovely delicious entries filled with love…!
I m so thankful, I have such a wonderful friends , 
who made this Event a grand success…! 
I want to thank you for the beautiful comments, 
you have been posting on my space. 
I always read them with great interest…! 
After spending time with you all, 
I feel so energized, so rejuvenated & so refreshed…!
It’s a wonderful joy for me to be in touch with you 
through blogging and speak to you thro’ your space.
I have received 83 entries for this event… 
And I will be posting it by July 22 nd.
Hope you all have a Joyful Nice Weekend…!
Once Again Thanks so MUCH!!! I love YOU all!!!!


  1. Great pictures here

  2. Looking forward to seeing all the entries. Great Post for today!!

  3. Waiting for the lovely round-up and thank you for hosting this event.

  4. Jay, that is such a sweet message dear.

  5. eagerly expecting the beautiful entries esp for Dad...lovely words Jay

  6. Looking forward to seeing all the entries. I did not realize you had an event as I was away most of June and miss the announcement. Perhaps, next time I can join in the fun :)

  7. eagrly waiting to c all the entries for ur beautiful event jay ...

  8. m so waiting for the round up..though have not participated in the event...but next time i will


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