Friday, June 11, 2010

“ I Love My Dad” - Event Announcement

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“ I Love My Dad” 
Event Announcement
 Happy Father’s Day, 20 th June , 2010.

Dear Friends, On the Happy occasion of  ‘Father’s Day’, ( 20 th June , 2010) , 
 I am hosting my First Event “I Love My Dad”.  

Each of us have special memories of Dad. Even though we are separated in distance after marriage, our hearts are close and praying for his good health and well being.

Dad is someone special, who wants to catch us before we fall, who wants to keep us from making mistakes.. Even though, his heart breaks in silence, when we fail, he lets us find our own way and have faith in us.  
 A Dad is someone, who holds us, when we cry, scolds us, when we break the rules, and smiles with pride, when we succeed…!

My Dad is very sweet and loving person. His affection towards us is endless and unselfish. He is a man of few words, but of great wisdom. His actions have always spoken louder than words. 
He’s always been an inspiration for me and his affection is precious gift to us.

And to celebrate this special occasion, I am hosting this event  
“I Love My Dad”

Come on Friends, Show your Dad, how much he’s loved with a dish that comes straight from your heart…!

Some guidelines for the event…
1.     Cook any dish, that is most favorite of your Father, or your Father prepares to delight you…!
2.     Can be a Veg or Non-Veg dish.
3.     Multiple entries are accepted.
4.     If you have any entries already posted in your archive, please repost the link during the event duration.
5.     Link your entries to the event announcement page.
6.     Usage of logo is compulsory.
7.     Non Bloggers can also participate, just mail me the recipe and the picture of the dish.
8.     Remember to  send your entries before July 15 th 2010.

Send me an email to jaaiish[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Details to be mailed:
·         Subject                                    :    I Love My Dad!
·         Name                                       :
·         Location                                   :
·         Recipe Name                            :
·         Recipe URL                              :
·         Picture of the dish                     :

Looking forward to your Heart loving Entries…!

Hugs n Smiles ,


  1. Lovely concept...Nice event...

  2. happy hosting dear, very nice theme.

  3. Lovely theme..happy hosting.

  4. Nice event.Happy hosting.Will send in my entries soon.

    Also I would like to let you know that I started an event with wholegrains:barley and would love to see your entries for the event.

    Thank you.

  5. Nice event.Happy hosting.Will send in my entries soon.

  6. Good one Jay.. Shall definitely send my entries..

  7. Each of us have special memories of Dad. Even though we are separated in distance after marriage, our hearts are close and praying for his good health and well being.

    ...... I have treasured the special memories of my father.... This is the first "Father's Day" without him as he left to the heavenly place 6 months ago..... mmmmm......

  8. Great event.. hope I can managed to cook it here while I am still in KK... ^_^

  9. Jay, wonderful event. I am in. Thanks a lot for this event.

  10. nice event jay...happy hosting ...i will send my entry soon

  11. Wonderful event dear. Happy hosting:-). Will send my entry soon

    Happy weekend

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Lovely event and perfect timing as well... Can't wait to send in my dad's fav food recipes...

  13. Happy hosting wonderful theme.

  14. Lovely event..happy hosting dear

  15. Beautiful event, happy hosting Jay..

  16. Hey jay...wonderful event..hv just sent u an entry..all the success to u for ur first event...

  17. Great event, will surely try to participate.

  18. Thnx Geetha, Pari, Suja...!
    Keep rocking your entries.

  19. HY Kiran,
    TQ dear.
    My entries are there in way for the lovely event wholegrains barley.
    Happy blogging.

  20. Dear Divya, Menaga, Nitha,
    Looking forward yur Dad's special favorites...

  21. Hy Chitra,
    You made my eyes watery...its a very tough phase. Your Dad's blessings will be with you and your family always. Take care dear.

  22. MY dear Cath, Life is beautiful, satya, Hamaree Rasoi, Az, Swathi, Simply delicious, Priya and Simply Life,
    Eager to see your wonderful entries...
    Wat next...Post and rock...!

  23. Hy Sanyuktha,
    Yours is the first entry dear...
    Beauuuuutiful recipe with wonderfully presented...!
    TQ and expecting more of your Dad's favorites.

  24. Hy Priya,
    I love the way you run your blog...
    Expecting your special touch in this.

  25. Looks wonderful. All the very best Jay

  26. wow very nice theme Jay ...all the best Jay will def send my entries Jay
    Take Care dear

  27. great event..will surely send in my entries soon

  28. thts a nice idea dear...

  29. This is a great event. Sounds so good....

  30. Thank you Jay for dropping by and leaving a comment much appreciated. I am looking forward to participate in your event. Regards Akheela

  31. Count me in Such a wonderful event

  32. Hy Krishnaveni, Food Lovers, Sushma, Beena, Jaisy, Sukanya, Torviewtoranto and Niloufer,

    Thanks dear. Looking forward yur rocking entries...!

    Have a nice day...;)

  33. Will send my entries..nice event

  34. Great event..happy hosting.
    You have a wonderful space...I am following you.

  35. Wonderful theme, Jay..We will definitely participate..

  36. Lovely event Jay, who doesn't love their dad, particularly girls are always pet to dad, will definitely try to send in my entries.

  37. Wonderful Event...will surely send in my entries !!!

  38. Dear Suma,Satya, Vidhya, Yummy team

    Thanx for your support & Love.
    Expecting your Dad's Special entries.

  39. Hey Umm Mymoonah,

    You r right..Girls are extra special to Dads and we have prime place for them in our life.

    Eager to see your Beautiful Entries.

  40. Hey Jay thats a beautiful event..i love my dad as every one least for that i will snd in all my entries....thanks for such a nice event da....

  41. Happy hosting Jay and a nice theme.will try to participate

  42. Ciao Jay

    what a lovely idea. I would partecipate but unfortunately I am off to London for a week and won't be blogging. These days I have very little time for blogging but I will follow your progresses :-)



  43. Dear Gayathri, Padhu,

    Thanx for the feedback ...!
    Rock your Favorite Entries...!

  44. Hy Alessandra,

    Have a lovely trip dear.
    Take care and have fun...:)

  45. wow ,thats a nice event. will give it a try

  46. What a event.....sounds nice will try to send in something!

  47. its a very unique write up. you touched my heart with this. thankd for this event and thanks for allowing non veg recipes also as thats something My Baba loves. thanks Jay am in.

  48. Hy Peanutts,Sharmilee,

    Thanks a lot for you encouraging words dear. They really mean a lot to me.
    Send your Dad's special recipes...!

  49. Thank u Sayantani for dropping comment.
    Rock your Non veg entries...!

  50. Nice event,Happy hosting..will try to participate

  51. hey jay..lovely sure ur first event will rock..will surely try to send some entries..thank u for visiting my blog ,ur comments are highly appreciated and do chk my recent post ,it is one of ur recipes ,dont go by the colour but the taste was awesome :)

  52. hey jay..lovely sure ur first event will rock..will surely try to send some entries..thank u for visiting my blog ,ur comments are highly appreciated and do chk my recent post ,it is one of ur recipes ,dont go by the colour but the taste was awesome :)

  53. Hey Jay first time here you have a lovely space. Great event. Will surely participate and send in my entries soon.

    Saraswathi Iyer

  54. Great Theme.Count me in

  55. hy friends,
    thanx for ur lovely entries...!!!
    Lookin forward more of ur Dad's special recipes...

  56. Hi jay,
    gr8 thought and dedication to fathers....will send my entry soon.

  57. Hey Jay,

    I came to your blog through PJ's blog. Nice theme and will try to send my entries too.. Happy Hosting!!

  58. hi Jay
    sent in my entry

  59. Lovely dish Veena....a perfect entry...! TQ.

  60. Thanx my dear friends for your kind love & support...!!!

  61. Hello Dear Friends,

    " I Love my Dad " roundup has been posted & the link is below

    Thanx for the participation & support. Do check it & let me know, if I have missed any entry
    or not linked properly.

    Once again, would like to thank each one of you, for sending your yummilicious recipes
    & encouraging me to host this event.

    Keep Smiling,


  62. what a beautiful concept. I'm terribly late:)'cos i'm fairly new to blogging.
    do drop in and check my blog when time permits.



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