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Spicy Chicken Biryani Recipe /Nawabi Chicken Biryani

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Nawabi Chicken Biryani is a very popular Hyderabadi recipe. It has a mouth watering taste and differs from the usual biryanies. It got its name, due to the liberal usage of raisins in it.  I learnt this recipe from my friend and the secret of the exquisite taste lies in the perfect blend of ingredients. It is easy to cook at home. Here, I love to share the recipe of Nawabi Chicken Biryani with you…Try it and enjoy the relishing taste :)                  
·         Biryani rice                                - 2 cups
·         Chicken                                    - ½ kg
·         Onion                                       - 4
·         Ghee                                        - 6 tbsp
·         Red chilly                                  - 3 or 4
·         Yoghurd                                   - 1 cup
·         Ginger garlic paste                    - 1 ½ tbsp
·         Dry fruits, cashew, almond        - ¼ cup
·         Cumin seeds                             - 1 tsp
·         Cinnamon                                 - 1
·         Cloves                                      - 3
·         Cardamom                                - 2
·         Bay leaf                                    - 1
·         Marathi moghu                          - 1
·         Mint and coriander leaves          - 1 cup
·         Turmeric pwd                            - ½ tsp
·         Red chilly pwd                          - 1 tbsp
·         Garam masala pwd                    - 1 tbsp
·         Salt to taste.
  1. Fry sliced onion and  red chill.
  2. Allow to cool and make a paste of it.
  3. Marinate chicken with the above paste, salt, yoghurd and ginger garlic paste for 1 hr.
  4. Heat 2 tbsp of ghee, fry dry fruits, cashew and almond nuts. Drain & reserve it.
  5. In the same pan, add sliced onion, fry till it turns light brown and crispy.
  6. Drain and reserve it.
  7. Add ghee to the pan, heat it, add cumin seeds, spices and wait to splutter.
  8. Add marinated chicken, fry till it shrinks.
  9. Add chopped mint and coriander leaves and fry for 2 more mins.
  10. Now add turmeric pwd, red chilly pwd, salt, garam masala pwd and stir well.
  11. Add ½ cup water and cook the chicken, until it is tender.
  12. Heat the pressure pan, add 1 tbsp ghee, fry the biryani rice for 5 mins.
  13. Add 3 cups of water and pressure cook it, until it is three-fourth done.
  14. Take a large pan, spread a layer of cooked white rice, sprinkle fried onion.
  15. Cover  it with chicken masala and repeat the same layering, until the chicken and rice are over.
  16. Cover this tightly and cook it in oven.
  17. When the rice is completely done, mix it gently.
  18. Garnish with fried dry fruits, cashew and badam nuts.
  1. Serve hot with chopped coriander leaves garnishing  


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  31. Hy Dolly,
    Thanks for ur appreciation n precious time. Marathi Moghu is a spice, which when added to the biryani, gives a special aromatic flavor. Its available at all leading Indian stores. Try and enjoy the Nawabi Chicken biryani..:)

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