Friday, April 30, 2010

Moongdal Payasam

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Moongdal Payasam:
Today, is a wonderful day!…yes…It’s my Parent’s Wedding Anniversary. It’s a very special moment, as in a sense, they denote a sense of achievements..! And it brings back the lovely memories of our past. In this special day, I pray Almighty to bless My Parents with good health and happiness forever. 
Wishing you a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
The excitement of today started with delicious dessert  Moongdal Payasam. This is creamy rich, very tasty & full of golden cashews and raisins. I am glad to share my happy momemts with you all. This recipe is very simple to prepare as you can see…                          
·Moong dal                                                - 1 cup
·Jaggery grated                                          - 1 ½ cup
·Coconut pieces                                         - ½ cup
·Ghee                                                         - 2 tbsp
·Cashew                                                    - 8
·Cardamom                                                - 2
·Raisins                                                      - 10
·Milk                                                           - 2 cup
·Poppy seeds                                             - ¼ cup
·Almond nuts                                              - 4 to 5
1.     Heat 1 tbsp ghee in tawa, roast yellow Moongdal to light red colour, and releases the rich fragrance.
2.     Remove them to a plate.
3.     Add 1tbsp ghee, roast cashew, crushed cardomom & raisins to golden. Take care not to burn. Remove them to plate.
4.     In a pressure cooker, take roasted moongdal, milk, soaked poppy seeds, 1 cup water and allow to cook for 2 whistles.
5.     Once the pressure is gone, open the lid and mash the contents.
6.     Take grated jaggery in a thick bottomed pan, add ½ cup water, allow the jaggery to boil on low flame with stirring.
7.     Turn off the flame, filter the thick jaggery water ( to remove dirt)  and add to the mashed contents. Mix well.
8.     Take coconut pieces, grind to paste in blender by adding little water to it.
9.     Now add this coconut paste and stir.
10.  Let it boil in low flame for 5 mins or more, until it reaches thick, creamy consistency.
11.  Taste it and add little milk, if required.
12.  Add the roasted cashews, cardamom and raisins.
13.  Garnish with grated almond nuts.
14.  Nutritious n yummy Moongdal payasam is ready to be served.


  1. sorry for not commenting dear....not getting time at all for blogging....any way convey my wishing to them........payasam just grt....

  2. A very happy anniversry to ur parents ... this yummy payasam is surely a great way to celebrate the sp occassion n add a lot more sweetness n warmth to their lives !!

    Smita @ Little Food Junction

  3. WIshing ur parents a beautiful and fabulous marriage anniversary..

    Tempting payasam, wat an excellent dessert to celebrate this beautiful day..

  4. A very Happy Anniversary to your parents Jay. thats an excellent dessert, so creamy and full of flavour.

  5. Happy Anniversary to your Parents and Payasam looks Yummy. Really a good treat for them.

  6. happy anniversary to your parents!

  7. happy anniversary to your parents!

  8. My Dear Friends,

    Thanks a lot for your wishes and love. Without you my friends, I would never be able to blog...Wishing you all a grand success in blogging...!

    Have a fun filled weekend!

  9. Happy Anniversary to ur parents.
    payasam looks delicious and very tempting :-)

  10. Happy anniversary to ur parents!! delicious payasam!!

  11. A very Happy Anniversary to your Parents!
    tempting presentation!
    Thanks for considering me for an award Jay!

  12. A very Happy Anniversary to your parents Jay. thats an excellent dessert, so creamy and full of flavour.

  13. Hi Jay,

    Wonderful recipe! I love moong dal, and have never tried it in a sweet dish. Yum! Great blog, looking forward to reading more!


  14. A very happy Anniversary to your parents Jay..and of course this payasam is a great way to celebrate the occasion..looks too good...

    Kairali sisters

  15. Jay,

    Happy marriage anniversary to your parents. Moong dal paysam looks really good. We make with coconut milk, next i need to to try with milk/

  16. Hy Aruna, Menaga, Uma, Divya, Nancy, Kairali sisters & Swathi,

    Iam very happy to receive so much appreciation and warm wishes from you. I am thankful for your valuable comments. Happy Blogging :)

  17. A very happy anniversary to your parents. A great way to celebrate the occasion with this yummy payasam.

  18. Payasam looks delicious. nice click. Happy anniversary to your parents. Congrats on your awards

  19. I'm drooling. Looks very yummy and Happy Anniversary to your parents.

  20. Our anniversary wishes to your parents!! Moong dal payasam looks too good..and nice presentation!!

  21. Dear Faiza, Madhuri, Krishnaveni and Yummy Team,

    Thanks yaar for your precious time n lovely comments.

  22. Wish your parents a very cheerful Anniversary and many more to come. An apt way to celebrate with payasam, loved ur version and the click.

  23. very lovely payasam...and hope your parents have a very very happy anniv and many more wonderful ones too!

  24. Happy Anniversary to your parents :) Payasam looks very delicious :)

  25. My wishes to your parents Jay! And a lovely sweet payasam! Nice click Jay!

  26. Happy Anniversary to ur parents dear,,payasam looks soo inviting n delicious..

  27. Happy anniversary to your parents. Its so nice of you to make payasam and by the way they look very tempting.

  28. I am thankful My Dear Friends for your love and kind wishes :)

  29. I'd been looking for this recipe for long, and finally it's here!! :)
    I'm a big sweet freak and loved all the recipes...just yummy!!
    Thanks for dropping by my space. :)
    Spice and Sugar Tales


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