Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Lassi

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Sweet Lassi:  (Chilled Energy Drink)   

Lassi is a sweet healthy drink. On a hot sunny day, it is natural to quench our thirst with a tall glass of delicious sweet Lassi. This drink taken cold, gives energy and cools the body and it is the best way to beat the scorching heat. Rose essence can be added to enhance the flavor. Enjoy your Sweet Lassi recipe today and get refreshed.: )


·         yogurd                          - 2 cup
·         Chilled water                 - 1 cup
·         Crushed ice cubes         - ½ cup
·         Rose essence               - 2 drops
·         Curd cream                   - ½ cup
·         Sugar                           - ½ cup


1.     Take thick curd (Yogurd or Dahi) , sugar, ice cubes, chilled water and rose essence.
2.     Transfer it in a blender and beat till it is frothy.
3.     Pour it in glass, add curd cream and serve chill.

4.     Delicious, healthy sweet lassi ready. Enjoy a glass full of your healthy beverage.


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