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Soft Ven Murukku / Healthy Snacks Recipes

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Soft Ven Murukku:

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This murukku differ from other types, by its soft and crispy texture. Its indeed a kids favorite recipe as it just dissolves in mouth with a single bite. The combination of rice flour and fried gram flour gives an authentic taste that we couldn’t stop with one murukku. Here’s the Soft Ven Murukku recipe for you...Try it today and let me know your comments and feedback…!
·         Raw rice flour                                        - 2 cup
·         Fried gram flour                                     - ¾ cup
·         Sesame seed                                        - 2 tbsp
·         Cumin seed                                           - 1 tbsp
·         Asafetida pwd                                       - 1 tsp
·         Melted butter                                         - 1 tbsp
·         Salt to taste
·         Oil to fry
1.     Wash raw rice, drain the water completely and allow to dry completely.
2.     Grind in a blender to make rice flour. Sieve to remove any dirt present.
3.     Grind fried gram to smooth powder.
4.     Mix rice flour and fried gram pwd.
5.     To this add, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, salt, butter and asafetida pwd.
6.     Add water and knead the flour to make a soft dough of it.
7.     Allow the dough to remain for 5 mins.
8.     Take a small ball of it, stuff it inside the murukku mould.
9.     Press it in hot oil, deep fry to golden brown.
10.  Soft, crispy, tasty murukku ready to enjoy!

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