Monday, March 15, 2010

Paneer Jamun / Diwali Sweets

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Today, for Ugadi festival ( Telugu New Year day ), I tried my favorite sweet, Paneer Jamun and it came awesome. Paneer Jamun is a tasty Indian home made dessert. The jamuns are made from paneer and khoya, then deep fried and stewed in sugar syrup. Khoya or mawa is considered as one of the important dairy product in India, and commonly used in making many sweet dishes. Paneer jamun , the name itself, makes you feel of a special festival occasion. And, if they are home made, ummm….Yummy! Here is my recipe for Paneer Jamun and celebrate each day like a festival. Happy Ugadi  ; -)
·         Paneer                                      - 250 g
·         Milk gova (khoya) without sweet - 200 g
·         Maida flour                               - ½ cup
·         Baking pwd                               - a pinch
·         Sugar                                       - 2 cup
·         Cardamom pwd                         - 1 tsp
·         Ghee                                        - 2 tbsp
·         Oil to fry
1.     Grate paneer to fine pieces.
2.     To this add, maida flour, milk gova, baking pwd and ghee.
3.     Mix all together to fine smooth dough.
4.     Make lemon sized balls of it.
5.     Heat oil in a fry pan, transfer the jamun balls in hot oil.
6.     Fry to golden in medium flame.
7.     Yummy…! Paneer jamun ready to be soaked in sugar syrup.
To prepare sugar syrup:
1.     Take sugar in a wide bowl.
2.     Add water to it, such that sugar is just immersed in water.
3.     Allow to boil with continuous stirring in low flame.
4.     Once the sugar syrup turns oily, turn off the flame.
5.     To this add cardamom pwd and mix well.
6.     Now add the hot jamun balls and allow to soak for 30 mins.
7.     Delicious, lipsmacking paneer jamun ready to relish…!


  1. Jay, this looks great- I'm trying it asap! Thank you!

  2. Interesting recipe Jay,jamun looks soft & yummy

  3. Hey looks awesome!! I will try sometimes...

  4. this is something new to me.wanna try

  5. something different from the normal jammun . it's so soft & chewy to eat some moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


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