Friday, March 12, 2010

Medicinal Kashayam

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Medicinal Kashayam: (For relief of Cold & Sore throat)

Kashayams are magical medicinal drinks, that can be made at home with few herbs and spices.. This kashayam made of pepper, ginger and raisins is an ultimate solution for cough, cold, sore throat and has a lot more medicinal values. This is my mother-in-laws famous recipe to make us all feel better. This syrup has a soothing effect on throat and tastes umm. It is very easy to prepare and requires very less ingredient…Try and enjoy the magical power of this kashayam…


·         Raisins                         - 10
·         Pepper                         - 15
·         Ginger                          - small piece
·         Powdered Jaggery        - 1 tbsp

1.     Grind pepper, ginger and raisins in a blender.
2.     Add little water and grind to fine smooth paste.
3.     Transfer the contents in a bowl, add 1 tbsp Naatu chakrai or jaggery.
4.     Allow to boil for few mins.
5.     Filter the contents and take the syrup aside.
6.     For kids, you can add 2 tbsp milk to the syrup.

7.     Hot and strong medicinal syrup (kashayam) ready.

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  1. Medicinal kashayam looks tempting. Really helps during cold. Thanks for your comments about laddu.


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