Sunday, March 14, 2010

Carrot Kheer

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Carrot Kheer:
Carrot Kheer is a very tasty health drink. This is very delicious and will be liked by all, also very easy to prepare. We know, carrot is an excellent vegetable as it has both nutritional and medicinal values, which are essential for optimum health. Carrot is loaded with enzymes, vitamins (A, B, C & K) and minerals. Carrot also offers an excellent source of beta- carotene. Its highly energizing juice, has a particularly beneficial effect on the liver and helps to maintain good eyesight. It’s a must vegetable that we have to include in our daily menu. The recipe of a tasty and nutritious health drink, prepared using carrot is here for you to enjoy 

·         Carrot                           - 5
·         Milk                              - ½ l
·         Sugar                           - small cup
·         Cardamom pwd             - 1 tsp
·         Saffron                         - a pinch
·         Grated badam               - 2 tsp
1.     Grate carrot to fine pieces.
2.     Boil it in a pan, with just sufficient water to cook the carrot.
3.     Cool and grind it in a blender, to smooth paste by adding sugar.
4.     Boil milk in low flame, so that it thickens to half of its quantity.
5.     Add carrot paste to the milk and stir well.
6.     Add cardamom pwd,  saffron and grated badam.
7.     Refrigerate and serve chill.
8.     Delicious, carrot kheer ready

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