Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tomato Veg Soup

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Tomato Veg Soup:
Tomato veg soup is a healthy appetizer to start a meal. The tomato is known as a Powerhouse of Nutrition since it is rich in vitamins (A, C & E) and minerals (calcium and iron) that act to support health. Recently, it has been proved that tomatoes are good for cancer prevention and good for liver health. Tomatoes acts a powerful antioxidant and has detoxification effect in our body.
Such nutritious vegetable tomato must be consumed daily and this is a easy and simple recipe to prepare and tastes excellent…Check out the recipe here…


·         Tomato                                    - 3
·         Cabbage                                  - 1 small cup
·         Carrot                                      - 1
·         Pepper pwd                             - 1 tbsp
·         Corn flour                               - 1 tbsp
·         Butter                                      - ½ tbsp
·         Coriander leaves                     - handful
·         Salt to taste


1.      In a bowl add chopped tomato, grated cabbage and carrot pieces.
2.      Add water and allow to boil ( or pressure cook until it is done)
3.      Allow to cool, smash the contents and filter to get thick soup.
4.      Add pepper pwd, salt and ½ tbsp butter.
5.      Take 1 tbsp of corn flour in a cup, make a paste of it by adding milk or water to it.
6.      Add this, to the soup and mix completely.
7.      Allow to boil. Serve hot with coriander garnishing.
8.      If you don’t want soup to be clear, just add 2 tbsp of smashed veg, and mix well.

9.      Healthy, tasty tomato veg soup ready to relish…!

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