Friday, December 25, 2009

Badam Kheer Recipe | How to make Badam Kheer

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Badam Kheer:
Badam Kheer is a tasty delicious health drink. The main ingredients added are almond nut and sugar. It has a high calorific value and its one of the kids favorite recipe. Preparation is very simple and can be done within ½ an hour. Check it out…
·         Milk                             - 1 litre
·         Almond nut (Badam)  - 25
·         Sugar                          - 200 g
·         Lemon yellow pwd      - a pinsh
·         Almond essence         - 2 drops
·         Ghee                           - 1 tbsp
·         Cashew                       - 5
·         Cardamom                  - 2
·         Heat 1 litre milk in simmer for 20 mins, so that it thickens to ½ litre.
·         Meanwhile wash and soak badam in hot water for 10 mins.
·         Now peel off the skin and grind in mixer by adding milk to it.
·         Grind it to smooth paste.
·         Boil 200 g sugar with ½ tb water in low flame with constant stirring.
·         Now add the badam paste to the hot milk, stir well.
·         Add the sugar water, combine well.
·         Add a pinch of lemon yellow pwd, 2 drops of almond essence and allow to boil with stirring.
·         Turn off the flame, once the first bubble appears. ( if its overboiled, badam kheer turns watery)
·         Heat 1 tbsp ghee, add grated cashew, almond pieces, toss it.
·         Garnish with cardamom, cashew and almond shreds.
·         Serve hot or refridgerate and serve chill.
·         Yummy… Badam Kheer ready to delight your taste buds..!


  1. The kheer looks yummy.... All time fav one.

  2. i tried it and it was very tasty... thank u for sharing this recipe

  3. looks yummy!!..will try it out one of these days.


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