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How to make Kashmiri Pulav? / Pulao Recipes / My Guest Post @ Love2cook Malaysia:

4 Mar 2013

My Guest Post @ Love2cook Malaysia:

Helo my dear  Friends..!

Good Morning & wishing you all a wonderful day..:)
Today, I had the privilege of being a guest blogger on my lovely friend,  Sri’s  Love2cook Malaysia,  blog . !  

Sri is amazing and I was so thrilled to be asked to make a guest post in her space!   She has a great blog, with all about our favorite recipes & with exquisite presentation.  I have been a big fan of her blog & inviting clicks. 

And if you haven’t already checked her space, 
pop over to  “ Love2cook Malaysia”   to read my guest post about 
"Kashmiri  Pulav"  recipe. 

Kashmiri  Pulav  is a very tempting pulav, which is packed with spices, golden roasted cashew nuts & raisins and it tastes mild & sweet. And no doubt a very healthy option for kids.

Once again, a super big thank you  Sri  for inviting me to guest post ..:)

Here’s the link to my guest post for her ! 

Hope you enjoy it ..!!
Have a nice day..:) 

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34 Yummy Comments:

Totally drooling here !!! This looks amazing :)

Colorful, splendid and incredibly attractive and appealing.

Sangeetha Nambi said...

I need that colorful, inviting plate for sure ! Yummy !!!

looks absolutely amazing... yummy plate of goodness!!!

Follow Foodie said...

Looks great

Swathi Iyer said...

Delicious pulao, love to try it Jay. I will hop over the other blog to get the recipe.

Rumana Ambrin said...

Wow!!! This pulao looks very delicious and great pic too...

Amelia said...

Hi Jay, excellent guest post. This pulao look very appetizing.

Have a nice day.

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Fantabulous kashmiri pulao Jay. Fingerlicking good

today's post:

Jay said...

Thanks for your wonderful wishes friends...keep trying the recipes..:)

Rashida Shaikh said...

This is so good and pictures are inviting me, loved it.

Deeksha said...

looks super delicious.

Thank you very much for a fabulous guest post dear Jay. It's an honour and privilege to have you at my space. God bless your kind heart sweetie. It's me who have been admiring your work from the time I knew your space. Keep blogging dear...all the best to you ;)

Priya said...

Saw ur guest post Jay,mindblowing guest post dear,kudos to u both.

Hari Chandana P said...

Wowww.. looks yummy :)

Sona S said...

mouthwatering and delicious..

Beena.stephy said...

Yummy and healthy

lovely photos :) just drolling !

Divya Pramil said...

That looks so appetizing Jay :) Looks so so yummilicious and delectable!! :)

lovely color an dwant to grab whole plate

Helen Prabha said...

Wow....pulao looks so yummy....:-)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

I love her space ...trusted baking recipes and beautiful pictures to match with...
This colorful pulao looks so tempting..

ANU said...

beautiful looking pulav....nice click...
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hi jay, congrats on your guest post success. have a nice day

Jay said...

Thank you dearies for your valued comments & suggestions. Your feedback encourages me a lot..:)

Julie said...

mouthwatering,yummmmy pulao!!
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Ruxana Gafoor said...

Attractive and lovely presentation...
yummy pulao !!

Suja Manoj said...

Wow! loving it,looks awesome.

divya said...

Yumm....very tasty and lip smacking dish.

jumping on my dictionary to find a better word than Fabulous!!!! this is sooooooo fabulous... love the color!!! bookmarked
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ieatonline said...

loved the suttle mild luk of the pulav. sure, kids will love it. happy to follow ur space. do visit mine as well

Sona - Quick Picks

kausers kitchen said...

Hi Jay, just got here frm ur guest post at love2cook malaysia, pulao looks awesome.
I'm ur new follower, do visit my space in ur free time.
Have a wonderful day.

It looks yumm! And the pics are amazing making them look all the more delectable. :)

Mix and Stir said...

looks so yummm!! will try it out soon...

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