KALA JAMUN / How to make Kala Jamun at home / step by step

4 Jul 2012

Kala Jamoon:

Jamoons  are an Indian speciality dessert, that are absolutely delectable..!!!

There are two varieties available…one is called  Gulab Jamun  ( which is light brownish in color) & the second one is  Kala  Jamun  ( that are dark brown / blackish in color ). As the name  “ Kala “  implies  black in Hindi..!
I first tasted this dessert at our favorite restaurant. It was lipsmacking to gobble these melt in the mouth dessert and I couldn’t wait to try it at home fresh. 

In this easy recipe,  the gulab jamuns are prepared with readymade jamun mix or with paneer & khoya mixture and then deep fried again to dark brown color and coated with sugar syrup.

So, here is the traditional Indian dessert recipe for you to.enjoy..:)


A.To prepare Sugar Syrup:

  • Sugar                           - 2 cups
  • Cardamom pods           - 1 or 2

B.To Prepare Jamoon:

  • Jamun Pwd                   - 1 packet
  • Milk                              - ¼ cup
  • Cardamom pwd             - a pinch
  • Sugar                           - ½ tsp
  • Green food color           - a pinch
  • Oil                                - to fry


A.To Prepare Sugar Syrup:

  • Take 2 cups of sugar in a bowl.
  • Add 1 cup of water, cardamom pods crushed and mix well.
  • Heat in a medium flame, until the sugar dissolves and turns one string consistency.
  • Turn off the flame, keep warm on stove.

B.To Prepare Jamoon:

  1. Take jamoon pwd in a wide bowl.
  2. Knead & make sure there are no lumps in it.
  1. Add milk slowly and knead to smooth dough

  1. Slice one-fourth of the dough separately and three-fourth of the dough separately.

  1. To one-fourth add a pinch of cardamom pwd and ½ tsp sugar.

  1. Add ¼ tsp of green food color mixed in water.

  1. Mix all the above and knead to smooth dough.

  1. Make small balls out of it.

  1. Also make small balls out of the three-fourth dough.

  1. Now stuff the colored balls made and cover it up.

  1. First roll it to round shape.

  1. Then make it to small cylindrical shapes. ( this is optional only, you can keep it to round shape also )

  1. Heat oil in a thick bottomed kadai or wok.
  1. Drop the rolled dough gently in hot oil.
  1. Keep the flame to low medium and deep fry to golden brown.

  1. Take care to reduce flame, or else the outer side of jamun gets cooked and inner side remains uncooked.
  1. Once it turns golden brown all sides, drain from oil and keep aside.

  1. Little later, ( approx. 10 mins ) fry them again in hot oil.

  1. In low flame, fry them until it attains nice darker color.

  1. Drain from oil and soak them in warm sugar syrup;
  1. Let it soak for 3 to 4 hrs.

  1. You can see, the Kala Jamoons swell up after absorbing the sugar syrup to it.

  1. Lipsmacking homemade kala jamoons are ready to enjoy..!

(*) Recipe from vahrehvah.com

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76 Yummy Comments:

Gayathri NG said...

Wow simply irresistible dessert, looks so lovely...

Jay said...

thanks for your super quick comment gayathri..:)

hi jay, fantastic, never seen this recipe before.
your pics are very beautiful, makes the dessert look so delicious.
i like this kind of dessert..bookmarked with thanks-
have a nice day

oh...tempting pictures...yummy..

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Perfect picturization. What a lovely super yummy dessert! Amazing..........

Follow foodie said...

Looks good

Simply irresistible!

Sangeetha Nambi said...

Thats a great.. Go green recipe
Jay :P


Meena said...

looks really beautiful jay. the pics are amazing

on side note i m having trouble with this captcha. i can barely make out the words and have to refresh captcha to see some clear words :(

Sushmita said...

Amazingly tasty Jay

Gloria said...

This sounds delicious aaand I love cardamom!

jeyashrisuresh said...

These are absolutely tempting jay. Craving for these now

Mélange said...

Cute yummy temptations there !

Very yummy!!.....Abrazotes, Marcela

Nagashree said...

Wow! Super. Beautiful presentation, love jamuns

Ganga Sreekanth said...

Very tempting & delicious..

R.Punitha said...

Hi Jay ,

Kala jamun looks delicious!!!!

and neat presentation Jay :))))))

Keep on Dear...

one thing do for me Dear,

Drop one more comment on my post

Cabbage curry at Lavanya's


Thank you Jay ....

Jeannie Tay said...

What an interesting dessert, I don't think I have eaten these before here...looks delicious!

Prathibha said...

very delicious jamuns...I wish I could get 2 eat a couple of them now..yumm

Maayeka said...

Delicious and perfectly done!loved the pictorial and the cute shapes..

Woww!! Very much tempting.. Drooling here..

serena said...

Mouth watering!!!

Rachna said...

Jay that looks delightful!

Supriya's Rasoi said...

I love kala jamuns we get in Mumbai.The jamuns look rocking.

So tempting :-)Jay are you from Bangalore ????

wow! its amazing pictures.... really tempting!!
if u have time plz visit my blog and join in my space


Priya said...

Super juicy and yummy jamuns.

Yan said...

I like this one, must be very sweet and yummy. Lovely snack.

Suchi said...

The kala jamun looks absolutely awesome Jay, am drooling here, it has been ages since I had any....now I have to have some :-)

Shabbu said...

tempting and delicious jamuns..
Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

Lipsmacking indeed...looks mouthwatering

Pari said...

Dear Jay, That's a nice version of Gulab Jamun. I'm sorry to correct you here but I'll call it Gulab Jamun only as an authentic Kala Jamun is made in a completely different way.
The word Kala means black but the black colour is not due to frying it darker but because of caramelization of the sugar while frying the jamuns, which is added to the dough.Secondly, the kala jamun is a dry version.

PT said...

wow jay.. always rocking.. incredible and inviting jamuns..

Radhika said...

Wonderful snaps Jay. I'm salivating here. I guess Pari is right though.

Tickling Palates

lip smacking it is !! drooling

Princy Vinoth said...

wonderfully done!

radha said...

I always wondered how they got the green colouring inside. Now I know. My daughter's favourite and she is with me now... I think I will surprise her one day.

Asmath Nawaz said...

So sweet and superb...mothwatering here...

amrita said...

Thanks for sharing this tasty desert...I will surely try it ...

Sayantani said...

so well written post Jay. the pictorial makes it look so simple. lovely clicks and very very well made pillowy jamuns.

Prathima Rao said...

oh my ghosh...so soft & delightful looking kala jamoons!!!!
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

Jay said...

Hey friends,
thanks a ton for stopping by & your inspiring feedback..:)

Jay said...

Dear Pari,
thanks for sharing your thoughts here..
you're right, the kala (dark ) color is due to the caramelization of the stuffed sugar while frying the jamoons.
And another thing is this is not my own version, but this is a recipe of great Vahchef Sanjay Thumma of Vahrehvah.com . His recipes are famous worldwide & enjoyed by all.
And the taste of this kala jamuns are absolutely rocking & is sure to satisfy everyone who loves Indian sweets..:)

Pari said...

Dear Jay, thanks for replying back. I had read in your post that it is a recipe by vahrevah. And I'm not even denying that the preparation looks droolworthy, I wrote to you just to provide you more info since you are a dear friend. Pls give a search of kala jamun sweet and checkout the images,may be that will explain what I was trying to tell you.

kala jamun looks very delicious

Az said...

Looks absolutely devine!! Love it!

Vrinda said...

Never heard of kala jamun..yummy treat...

Alida said...

wow this is so interesting! I love this recipe. Bookmarking.

R.Ramakrishnan said...

The Kala Jamun's look so soft sumptuous and sensuous.

Balvinder Ubi said...

Jay this is my favorite dessert. What is this jamun powder?
As far as I know Kala Jamuns have paneer in it and are crumbly and dry. But I am no judge here because I am not 100% sure of making kala jamuns. But yours look incredible.

Suja Manoj said...

Looks divine,can't stop drooling:)

Manidipa said...

WOW!! cant stop me mouth watering...superb

Swathi Iyer said...

Kala jamoon looks delicious.

Rani acharyulu said...

What a mouth watering kala jamoons....absolutely delicious.

faseela said...

yummy n awesome jamuns....

OMG Jay, they look so amazing, drooling here


Srimathi said...

The gulag jamun looks good.

Hema said...

Simply superb, drooling here..

Shama Nagarajan said...

delicious dear

Looks super tempting and drooling over the pictures...

Jay said...

good morning friends,
thank you so much for your sweet notes..:)

@ Pari : thanks dear...I'd always love to hear from you..:)

Jay said...

@ Balvinder Ubi,
Jamun pwd is readymade mix available at stores to prepare Jamoons...do giv a try & lemme know ..:)

Beena.stephy said...

Woow super recipie .pls visit and join my space and add your comments

Chandrani said...

Simply irresistible dessert. I have readymade powder mix in my home. I will try it soon in your way. Beautiful Click, Jay.
Cuisine Delights
My Monthly Event - Spotlight:Curries/Gravies".

Shobha Kamath said...

Tempting dessert and lovely pics too!

N said...

My fav dessert! :) looks fab!
Thanks for leaving me a trail on my site.. Hv a lot to explore on here. Keep 'em coming!


Kavi said...

WOW Jay!!!! Superb step wise pics!! I loved it

Hello dear..hru? Owh how I wish to be neighboured with you! I will be at your dining whole day. Cute looking jamuns..mouthwatering! :)

Rekha said...

looks awesome and mouthwatering..

Kavitha said...

As you said it is really lipsmacking sweet....can't resist from having it....looking delicious :)

LoLy said...

I LOVE IT, i always love buying it, as i am always TOO lazy to cook :p

Honey said...

you my friend are a genius! i know this is not a recipe i would ever make simply because it's a lottttttt of work. i still have to make your chicken. :-) really nice job though, my mom makes jamun at home and i've never watched, just eaten. :-(

Julie said...

Beautiful & delicious kala jamuns,yummy incredible dessert!!

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Rosh said...

And Titanic sinks again...in my mouth :D Im drooooooooooling! That is irresistible Jay!

deep krishna said...

Kala Jamuns with green color inside..New to me..Looks so soft and juicy...YUMMMMMMMM!!!

Archana said...

Wow this is delicious. I never did realise how they got 2 colours in 1 jamun. Thanks. you are a genius.

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